What Makes Our Community Special?

Of course, Caloundra is helped along no end by its amazing natural resources, especially the beaches that draw in visitors from near and far. There’s also the great shopping experiences on offer in Downtown Caloundra, as well as some unique restaurants and cafes, but what really makes the place is the people.

A welcoming community

The first thing lots of people notice about Caloundra, whether they’ve relocated here or whether they’re here on holiday, is the sheer number of clubs and associations available to join.

In 2018 the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific partnered with the Downtown Caloundra Taskforce and created the first Greeters group on the coast, called Caloundra Greeters. The friendly volunteers walk the streets on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday chatting to locals and visitors and helping them out with any questions they might have. More often than not a good story is shared in the process.

There’s the Zonta Club, for example, which promotes the interests and welfare of women around the world. This club, which will celebrate its centenary in December 2019, is particularly active in Caloundra.

The blokes aren’t left out, though, with introduction of the BlokesVenture, a locally run adventure group which is a men’s group to be men. Everything the men do in this club, however, is aimed at supporting the wider community and it’s this outward and inclusive focus that sums up the city.

Whatever your age and whatever you’re into, there’s a niche ready and waiting for you. If there’s things you can’t do – maybe you have mobility problems, for example – then someone will be here to offer a helping hand.

Cities don’t just spring into life, not even in a pioneer place like Australia and the Sunshine Coast. They have to be worked on by people with a common purpose and a sense of belonging and that’s exactly what makes Caloundra and its people so special. They don’t wait around for someone to tell them what to do, or for someone else to do it for them; they get on and make their own way for the wider good of the community and the country.

If you’re looking for some volunteering work, you need some help or if you’re new and looking to settle into the community here and have fun, then just reach out to any one of the clubs in Caloundra. You’re more than welcome.