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Nourish the mind, body and soul… Join Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor, Serena Parry for a closer look at the main elements of Ayurveda. Explore the three primary, mind-body types of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and identify your own to use throughout this five workshop series available at three locations. Learn how to select the most nourishing…

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Single Parenting Workshop

Raising children by yourself is a 24/7 job that comes with many, many challenges. Join single mum and Counsellor from Sucesslane, Cheryl-lee Garnett, for tips on how make the best of your circumstances and create a successful and fulfilling life. Discover ways to manage your time and keep a healthy balance between kids, work and…

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Small Business Marketing

Promoting and marketing your business works best when deeply rooted into your basic business principles. Join successful marketer and owner of Garnish Marketing, Angie Hammond, for tips on ways to get your name out there. Take a look at successful marketing strategies and explore brand engagement ideas. Learn how to communicate with target audiences and…

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Solo Travel

You want to explore abroad but lack fellow travellers who are interested in the same destinations as you. So, why not fly solo or travel with like-minded travellers? Solo travel offers an exciting social experience with the opportunity to meet locals and other travellers. Connect with like-minded people and have more meaningful interactions than when…

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Digital Storage

With the digital files piling up, it is becoming more important to store your precious photos, videos, ‘paperwork’ and various other data in a safe and accessible location.  Join library staff in a group session to learn about digital storage and back-up options including clouds and hard-drives. Find out how to use a cloud-based storage…

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Safeguard Your Future

Legal info for young and old… Whether you’re writing a will, appointing a Power of Attorney or just getting your affairs in order, it pays to be in the know. Join legal professionals from Suncoast Community Legal for an informative session on how to protect your interests. Learn the best ways to ensure substitute decision-makers…

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Using Email

Join library staff in a group session to discover the basic skills every beginner needs to start using email. Learn about your email account and inbox, how to send an email and email safety and security. Free sessions, various locations, registration essential.

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Online Grocery Shopping

Join library staff in a group session to discover how to save time, money and energy by doing your grocery shopping online. Learn how to sign up and navigate major store websites such as Woolworths and Coles. Find out how to see what’s on sale and setup delivery options to meet your needs. Free sessions,…

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Toxin-free Cleaning

Removing harsh and harmful chemicals A clean home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health or the environment. Join eco-friendly cleaner and Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, Melissa Connor, to find out how you can start reducing the amount of chemicals you use in your home. Hear about the categories of chemicals used in household cleaners…

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Managing Passwords

The modern digital world requires that we have a password, code or PIN for almost everything. Join library staff in a group session and learn how to manage your passwords. Get tips on creating memorable passwords and learn how to retrieve those that have been forgotten. Find out more about apps available to help store…