Place2Play was a creative public activation program in line with the Caloundra Public Art Plan. The project brought temporary and permanent artwork to our streets and laneways, inspiring new ways for residents and visitors to experience and rediscover Caloundra.

The playful and participatory activations were free all-ages activities, designed to enhance cultural vibrancy and connection to the community while keeping it all COVID-safe. 

Did you wander through Felicity Park and discover playful paths by day and illuminated gardens and building by night?  Giant art projections, windows converted to an outdoor gallery and bright colourful lights transformed the gardens to a wonderland. 

Dressed in silver costumes and inspired by the sounds that live inside us the Beats crew had people dancing, jumping, and laughing all towards getting that heart pumping!  It was wonderful to see so many people contribute their heartbeat to a musical soundscape that is currently being produced . . . stay tuned the beat drops in December!

More than 400 people took the time to discuss the worlds recent changes with our street writer.  Corrie collected the thoughts and various perspectives of passers by strolling down Bulcock Street. 

MiFi were leading by example in the quirkiest way by taking to the streets for a rest.  A snooze on the sidewalk, a nap against the nearest wall, a siesta at Sub Tropic Studio, they found so many places to do nothing! 

Over at The Strand many locals discovered the world of Capital Nuf by peaking through the window into a space created and inspired by engagement during isolation.  The projection piece encouraged many onlookers to stop and reflect.

A new take on an old favourite, PIVOT interrupted the daily routine by installing game boards on the streets of Caloundra, turning Snakes and ladders in to Vines & Portals!  Passers by were prompted by questions to take a little time out of their day to play.

Place2 invited the community to create, post, listen, collect, wonder, rest and pivot on the streets of Caloundra.

Some enchanting and innovative permanent artwork has also emerged in unexpected spaces.

Take a peak at the activations that were delivered in October around Caloundra via the map below . . . Click the image below to open the interactive map!