Dress Up for Melbourne Cup Day in Caloundra

The biggest and most enjoyable race day event is coming up as the Melbourne Cup Day at Caloundra Turf Club is taking place on the 6th of November. Embrace the excitement and the thrill of Melbourne Cup Day with thousands of Melbourne cup fans. It is a day that is focused on the live racing but there is so much more to it than that!

Embrace the atmosphere

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club is the place to soak up the intense atmosphere of this spectacular day.   When you head to Caloundra Turf Club, you will be immersing yourself into an experience that is like no other because of the way in which the whole experience grips you from the very first moment.

This event offers you the perfect chance and the ideal reason to don your favourite dresses or suit and sip champagne under the warm sunshine. You can immerse yourself in the excitement of live racing as it is streamed live from Melbourne, even if you are new to all of this, it is guaranteed to have you hooked. From fashion to an amazing experience, captivating entertainment and live racing, it is a day that should be booked into your diary.

It provides guests with the opportunity to let their hair down and find out just why watching the Melbourne Cup Day at the Caloundra Turf Club is the best way to sample all that is on offer on the 6th November. This is an event that captures the imagination, allows you to mingle with fellow fans and embrace this magnificent setting.

Sometimes, not being able to attend the main event itself is not a bad thing. When you have the Melbourne Cup Day at Caloundra Turf Cup, it is almost as though you are there in person. So, go on take a look at this special event, it is sure to leave you wanting to return year after year.

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