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About Blooming Healthy 

Are you always tired, have no energy and finding it difficult to feed your body, mind and soul?  Well, sit back, take a deep breath and let Blooming Healthy assist you achieve your goals in these areas, as well as many more healthy lifestyle choices.

Hi, my name is Megan, and I am a busy mum of two young rascal daughters, and married to a chef, who over the years has thickened my waist line through his gourmet, but sometimes hefty food, and I am embracing a life changing journey on how to make myself and my family more healthy through what we ingest through our diets.

Blooming healthy is inspired by me wanting to pass on my knowledge of nutrition, weight loss, fitness and general well-being to everyday people.  I am energized to help you reach your goals in all the above through my business,  and I am certified with the world renowned health coaching programme  “Integrative Nutrition”, which for over twenty years, has transformed students into health coaches to provide happiness and life fulfilment,  and has helped thousands make this change, to improve many different aspects of their daily habits.

By developing an understanding and appreciation for the lifestyle that a balanced and healthy mind set can bring, I have changed my way of life and couldn’t be happier with the results.  Not only do I have more energy and vigour to do the day to day assignments that comes with being a wife and mum, I have also found a way to achieve my life-time goals, one of which, is developing this project and to help as many people as possible.

I am more appreciative of “whole foods” and no longer binge on sugary or fatty snacks that are not only unhealthy, but are also draining on the wallet.  I love being in the kitchen whipping up new and lively cuisine, and also bringing my family along with me on this reality. From salt and vinegar kale chips to bliss balls, my ideas are endless, and half the fun is in the creation.

Blooming Healthy offers cooking tips, recipes, fitness and wellness help in a fun and easy to understand format, that is not designed to confuse or baffle, but to explain in layman terms that all people can understand and easily put into practice in their daily lives.

Here at Blooming Healthy, I don’t follow trends, I set them, so join me in this awakening that will change your way of life and watch the kids try to find the energy to keep up with you.Megan Limpus Blooming Healthy Studio

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